Fast, fun cooking and a take-home Moroccan meal

On our Moroccan To Go class you will spend 3 hours of fast-paced cookery to create a fantastic and delicious take-home Moroccan meal for two that you will have prepared yourself.

One of the most established cuisine's in the world, Moroccan cooking blends subtle spices and intriguing flavour combinations. Moroccan cuisine is influenced by it's interactions with Spain, Arabia, the Mediterranean and North Africa resulting in a rich pool of dishes and cooking styles that make it unique. From the staple Cous Cous, through to traditional Tagine cooked dishes, Moroccan food is colourful, flavourful and exciting.

With step by step instruction from our expert chef tutor you will be creating classic Morrocan dishes and learn how to use spices and ingredients to recreate an authentic Moroccan taste at home. At the end of the course you will take home a great, Moroccan Takeaway for two ready to eat.

Take Home

You will take-home a meal for two. Recyclable containers provided.

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