Knife Skills

Learn knife selection, usage and care

You don't need to be able to chop at chef speeds to cook well, but learning how to use knives to their best effect in the kitchen will make your cooking more effective and more enjoyable.

This half-day course will show you how to select, use and maintain the correct knife from the basic cooks knife set including sharpening, chopping, filleting and other fundamental techniques.

You will work with the following knives:

  • Chefs Knife - chopping, slicing
  • Boning Knife - working with meat
  • Flexible Filleting Knife - fish filleting
  • Paring Knife - peeling and preparing
  • Turning Knife - shaping and turning
  • Sharpening Steel

At the end of the course you will have a good understanding of how to best use your knives in the kitchen.


  • Which knife to use for each task
  • How to use knives with confidence
  • Techniques including chopping, dicing, cutting and slicing
  • Knife sharpening and maintenance
  • Knife safety and speed
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