Fish & Seafood Plus

Learn to prepare, cook and present fish & seafood

Have you always wanted to know how to best prepare fresh fish? This in-depth weekend course will show you the best ways to prepare, cook and serve fish & seafood. 

You will learn the secrets to selecting the freshest fish, identifying different fish and shellfish varieties, and how to easily prepare it including scaling, gutting, and filleting.

Your experienced chef tutor will teach you how to cook fish and shellfish perfectly, and present it as a delicious, attractive and well balanced dish.

We are blessed at the cookery school with superb locally caught fish and we will be using line-caught, sustainable fish on this course wherever possible.

Once you have completed this course you will have learned a wonderful life skill that will have a positive impact on your cooking, your diet and your enjoyment of food.

Course Content


Fish You Will Work With

We source the freshest, sustainably-sourced fish and seafood from Brixam, Plymouth and Looe. The bounty of fish on our doorstep is second to none and we are proud to support our suppliers and local fisherman who regularly deliver us the finest fish sought after by the finest hotels and restaurants in the UK. Working this way enables sustainability in the fishing waters but please be aware that species and varieties can change depending on the seasonal changes and weather conditions.

  • Flat fish such as plaice, sole, flounder or brill.
  • Round fish such as bream, bass, salmon, mackerel.
  • Shellfish such as dived scallops, crab, clams and mussels.
  • Cephalopods such as squid, cuttlefish or octopus.


  • How to select and buy quality fish
  • Knife skills, knife selection & knife sharpening.
  • Fillet and cook flat fish
  • Fillet and cook round fish
  • Prepare & cook Scallops, mussels & clams
  • Prepare & cook cuttlefish
  • Hot smoking techniques
  • Sauce making
  • Presentation & garnishing skills


You will enjoy a sit-down lunch with wine featuring some of the dishes you have prepared during the day.

Take Home

You will be able to take away the additional items you make in the afternoon to enjoy at home. Recyclable containers are provided.

Allergy Advice

This course is not suitable for those with a seafood allergy.

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