Greek Meze

Greek Meze is the perfect food for sharing

If you have spent time in Greece, Cyprus or throughout the eastern Mediterranean you will undoubtedly have enjoyed the legendary Meze plates that, like their Spanish Tapas cousins are wonderful small plates of simple, tasty food designed to be shared with friends. Meze is the perfect party food.

The culinary custom derives from the ancient Greeks, who believed that no guest should be welcomed without a nibble. The word itself means 'middle' as in middle of the day, or between meals, because the Meze table traditionally is not a full meal but rather something that falls in the middle of the day or before dinner. However, as anyone who has enjoyed a night in a Greek Taverna can testify, Meze can also be enjoyed as an exciting meal made up of many courses of small dishes over the course of an evening - preferably with lots of Greek music and dancing.

On our one day Greek Meze cookery course we will be making the dishes that make up the classic Meze, that once learned will become your regular favourites when entertaining family and friends with fresh ingredients and a great variety of flavours, from earthy and meaty to zesty and sweet.

During the course you will enjoy a Meze lunch and at the end you will take away lots of dishes that you learn throughout the day with the confidence to recreate your own authentic taste of Greece at home.


You will enjoy a sit-down lunch with wine featuring the dishes you have prepared during the day.

Take Home

You will be able to take away the items you have made to enjoy at home. Recyclable containers are provided.

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