A fun day packed full of baking skills and delicious bakes

Baking your own goods is a hugely satisfying activity and opens up a world of cookery with unlimited potential. From cakes to biscuits and buns you will learn to master the fundamentals of successful baking on this one day course.

Baking is probably one of the oldest cooking methods with earth ovens found with signs of ancient civilisations across the world.

Nowadays we have ovens that boast a whole host of features to make our cooking easier and more controllable, but successful baking starts with a recipe and a fundamental understanding of the processes that you need to control to turn simple ingredients into delicious, perfectly cooked baked goods.

Within a day we will be learning to make and dress an attractive cake, master scrumptious cookies and delicate biscuits, bake some lovely buns as well as a quick savoury bake as well.

At the end of the day you will have a good understanding of the theory and techniques required to bake successfully, as well as a platform of recipes from which to build on as you enjoy the confidence to bake in your kitchen.


A light buffet lunch is provided.

Take Home

You will be able to take home all the baked items you make to enjoy at home.
Please bring a bag and containers with you.

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