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South East Asian

South East Asian cuisine is exciting and diverse covering a region that stretches from Cambodia to Indonesia.

On this one-day course we will be focussing on the South of the region with dishes from Malaysia and Indonesia.

At the heart of the cuisine are ingredients and flavours found nowhere else leading to fragrant combinations of coriander and cumin with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, cardamom, star anise and fenugreek, giving us one of the most exciting cuisines in the culinary world.

Our journey will start with Kerabu Bee Hoon - a traditional Malaysian rice noodle salad tossed with herbs, prawns, lime leaves and a touch of chilli and coconut, to create a spicy, sweet and sour salad.

You will create a Chicken Rendang - a delicious dry curry dish that originated in Indonesia. It is often served at special occasions and prepared with Rempah (a paste of spices which is the base of many popular Southeast Asian dishes). You will also learn to make Nasi Goreng - the classic Indonesian stir-fried rice which can be served by itself or to accompany a curry.

From here we will follow a smoky trail common to the streets of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, to find one of the most popular dishes, Ikan Bakar - little parcels loaded with Sambal (spicy sauce) and Hake, wrapped in banana leaves and griddled to a wonderful smoky flavour.

At the end of this course you will be shown how to make a Laksa paste that you will take home to make your own version of this famous noodle soup.


Over lunch you will enjoy the dishes you have prepared during the day and you will also take away a Laksa Curry Paste to enjoy at home.

Allergy Advice: This course is not suitable for those with allergies to seafood or nuts.

Typical Recipes

  • Kerabu Bee Hoon - Rice noodle salad.
  • Chicken Rendang - Indonesian curry with coconut and Rempah.
  • Nasi Goreng - Indonesian fried rice.
  • Ikan Bakar - Hake griddled with sambal and banana leaf.
  • Laksa curry paste (Take home) - Malaysian spicy coconut curry soup.

Coronavirus Questions

To see some of the changes we have put in place to make our courses Covid-secure please click here

We have been re-opened since March 2021 running our Chefs Academy courses. Our Cookery School courses will be running from May 22, 2021.

When you arrive at the cookery school you will check-in at the Arrival Station at the front entrance where you will be registered, asked to sanitise your hands, issued with a face mask and have a quick non-intrusive temperature check (a 2 second check with temperature gun that doesn't touch you). The same procedure is followed by all staff as well. You will then be shown to your own table in the dining room and will be served tea or coffee at your table.

We will be following the mandate government advice regarding face masks. Please bring a face mask with you as you will need to wear one when moving around the cookery school. If you don't have one you will be issued one on arrival. You will be cooking individually at a workstation fitted with a perspex screen.

When you are in the dining room, your dedicated table will be distanced from others and you can eat and drink without a mask, but when you leave this 'safe zone' you would will need to put on a mask to move around the building.

We have outdoor areas where you will not be required to wear a mask.

No. We have reorganised our kitchens so that if you come as an individual on a course you will have your own isolated workstation, equipment and ingredients to work with throughout the course.

If you are coming with someone from the same household you will be able to work together on a workstation, but again you won't be sharing anything with others outside of your household.

Certainly. If you book with someone from the same household or 'social bubble' you will be stationed at the same workstation so you can enjoy the course and the experience together. You will also be seated together in the dining room so will eat together.

We are providing a Reschedule Guarantee, so if you feel unwell or need to self-isolate contact us with 24 hours notice and you will be able to reschedule to another course date of your choice. You will have 12 months to decide.

Common Questions

You will enjoy a sit-down lunch featuring what you have cooked in the morning session along with a glass of wine. Weekend courses (Saturdays) and 5 day courses (on Monday to Thursday) have a lunch and you will take-away dinner to enjoy at home.

Note: On certain courses such as Breadmaking, Chocolate Making we will provide a Buffet lunch.

All of our courses are highly practical and you will spend 90% of your time in the kitchen learning and cooking. We maximise your quality learning time by taking care of time-consuming tasks such as weighing and assembling ingredients and washing up.

This course is at an Intermediate Level. Aimed at the typical home cook. These courses will build your confidence in all areas of the kitchen. You should be familiar with common cookery concepts such as frying, baking, grilling and be able to follow a recipe. No other special skills are required.

The minimum age to take this course is 18 years old unless otherwise specified.

You will need to tell us about any food allergies or special diets at the time of booking. Whilst the course content will stay the same, we will always try and accommodate your requirements with substitutions and alternatives.

We are very familiar with common food allergies and regularly welcome coeliacs, vegetarians and those with gluten-free, dairy-free or religious diets on our courses. Please contact the Customer Service team who will be able to advise you further.

You need to wear sensible footwear with non-slip soles and covered toes. Long hair needs to be tied back; we advise wearing comfortable clothes and not your best outfit. We also recommend wearing trousers.

You don't need to bring anything else with you since everything else is provided. If you wish to bring some containers to take away food you may, but recyclable boxes are provided.

You will receive a Certificate from the Ashburton Cookery School upon completion of this course.

Yes, we have two kitchens that are wheelchair accessible. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

We source as many ingredients from ethical, local suppliers within a 25 mile radius of the cookery school as possible. All our fish, poultry, meat and dairy is sourced from local producers as well as vegetables and English fruit.
We will always prioritise locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and recipes where possible.