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Booking Confirmation

On booking a course we will send you confirmation details and directions for your course booking by email.

Your Cookery Course

What to wear

You should wear casual, comfortable clothes and flat-soled, close-toed shoes for your course.


Courses start times are:-

  • Half-Day Course (AM): 10am to 1.30pm
  • Half-Day Course (PM):. 2.30pm to 6pm
  • Cook-To-Go:. 3pm to 6pm
  • 1-Day Courses:. 9.30am to 4.30pm
  • Weekend Courses:. 9am to 4.30pm (Sat) / 9am to 3pm (Sun)
  • 5-Day Courses:. 9am to 5pm (Mon - Thu) / 9am to 3pm (Fri)

We ask all students to arrive no more than 10 minutes before their start time for tea or coffee and to meet their fellow students. The chef tutor will run through the menu and goals of the day with you before you move into the kitchen to don your apron and start cooking.

All of our cookery courses incorporate expert demonstration from our Chef Tutors coupled with hands-on cookery training and each student is assigned their own workstation with stove and sink access, apron, knives, cutting boards, pots and pans, as well as all the ingredients you will require for the day. You will also be provided with a course folder with course notes and recipes that you can take home after the course.

We use local, seasonal and organic produce wherever possible, which means that the course recipes listed on our website will vary throughout the year to reflect the seasons, although the course content will remain the same.

A kitchen assistant works throughout each course day to assist the Chef and wash-up as the course progresses, allowing you to fully focus on your cookery.

On longer courses the mouth watering dishes you will make during a course day will form part of your lunch menu. At the end of each course day there will be a chance to discuss the day’s learning with the Chef Tutor and your fellow students.

Recyclable containers are provided for any dishes that you would like to take home from the course, although you may wish to bring your own containers as well.

Course Type Course Times Typical Day
Cook-To-Go Courses 3pm to 6pm These fast paced courses are all about immersing yourself in a cuisine to work towards a delicious take-away meal for you to leave with at the end of a fun 3 hour session.
Half-Day Courses AM: 10am to 1pm / PM: 2.30pm to 6pm These courses are morning or afternoon sessions. You will take home any dishes or ingredients you have prepared. Tea and coffee is provided but no sit down meal.
1 Day Courses 9.30am to approx 4.30pm You will break for a lunch featuring dishes you have prepared yourself from the course menu. Wine is available with the meal.
Weekend Courses Saturday:
9am to approx. 4.30pm
9am to approx 3pm

On Saturday you will have a light lunch featuring the recipes you will have worked on during the day. At the end of the day you will also take home some dishes that have been completed during the day.

On Sunday you will work through until 3.00pm with lunch featuring dishes you have prepared and an opportunity for a course round-up with the Chef Tutor.

5 Day Courses
and longer

Mon to Thur:
9am to approx. 5pm
9am to approx 3pm

You will break for a lunch featuring dishes you have prepared yourself from the course menu. At the end of each day, you will be able to take home any dishes that have been completed during the day for dinner.

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